Foggy days ahead for Punjab and Haryana

December 10, 2018 7:30 PM |

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The month of December generally observes an increase in weather activity over the plains of the country in the form of dense fog and a significant dip in temperatures leading to winter chill. However, this year the plains of North India have remained mostly dry till now.

Since the last one month, except last two days which have recorded lowest minimums of the season, dry and warm weather has been continuing over the entire plains. It is only over some foothills such as Pathankot where rains have marked their presence.

Amritsar in Punjab last recorded rain showers on November 15. Since then, dry weather is continuing over the city. Similarly, it has been more than a month that the state of Haryana for experiencing any significant rains.

At present, a Western Disturbance is seen over the hills and its induced Cyclonic Circulation is present over Punjab and North Rajasthan. Thus, these systems would result in clouding and consequently light rains over parts of Punjab, West and East Haryana as well as over extreme North Rajasthan such as Ganganagar and Hanumangarh during the next 24-48 hours.

Talking about the temperatures over Amritsar in Punjab, that after recording the lowest minimum of the season I.e around 5℃-6℃, the city has started showing a gradual increase in its temperatures and at present is recording minimums above normal by 2℃-3℃.

Not only Amritsar in Punjab, but also other parts of Punjab as well as Haryana after recording temperatures in single digits, are now recording temperatures above normal degrees.

Further, with the approaching systems, minimums are likely to increase more. However, a drop in day temperatures will be observed because of clouding and thereby increasing humidity. An increase in humidity will also cause thick while at some places dense fog to form over the places.

As these systems move further, clouding is expected to reduce and intensity of fog will increase. However, temperatures are expected to remain same for at least next 24 hours. Thereafter, minimums will start dipping Wednesday onwards and winter chill will be felt during morning and night hours along with thick fog.

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