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Good rains lash Chennai, more showers ahead

November 15, 2023 4:38 PM |

Chennai has seen heavy rains during the last 24 hours wherein the Nungambakkam observatory saw 70 mm and Meenambakkam saw 71 mm of showers.

As far as the month of November is concerned, we are halfway into it and Meenamabkam has recorded 234.5 mm, and 203.8 mm rains have been seen for Nungambakkam. The normal rains for the Meenambakkam observatory stands at 373.3 mm while Nungambakkam is at 373.6 mm.

The good thing is that with decent rains so far, the city is inching towards the monthly normal. In fact, we are to expect good showers today as well.
Moderate rains with isolated heavy showers will be seen but no three-digit rains as such are likely. Today, we can expect some good showers and similar situation may be seen tomorrow but might not be as intense.

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