Gujarat enjoys pleasant weather while Rajasthan shivers

Gujarat enjoys pleasant weather while Rajasthan shivers

04:28 PM

Gujarat enjoys pleasant weather while Rajasthan shivers

The state of Gujarat observes moderate weather conditions during the winters. So much so that the comfort levels remain good both during the day and night time. In fact, the region witnesses mildly cold nights and pleasantly warm days.

This season also, Gujarat did not witness any single digit minimums during the month of December. Meanwhile, isolated pockets saw minimums dropping below 10 degrees in January.

The weather in Gujarat is governed by the anti-cyclone which usually is present over Rajasthan, Haryana during these months. Moreover, Gujarat does not witness any significant weather activity in terms of rain. It is only the winds that play a role in bringing in the chill factor or easing out the cold from the region.

Currently, the unseasonal feature has been displaced southwards and is over Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh in a disorganized state. This has affected the wind profile over the area. Also, due to the disorganization, humidity levels have gone down to quite an extent.

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Thus, night temperatures have seen a significant rise while maximums have increased only marginally.

Let us take a look at the difference in minimum temperatures on January 7 and January 12:

Temp Gujarat

Currently, the humidity levels are settling close to 50 percent due to which the comfort level is present despite the rise in temperatures. Lower the humidity levels over a region, higher is the comfort level. Meanwhile, the neighbouring state of Rajasthan has been recording very low minimums and winter chill has gripped most parts of the state.

Now, a sheet of mid-layer scattered clouds is persisting over the region which will arrest the rise in day temperatures. Meanwhile, minimums will continue to increase for another 24 hours.

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