Heatwave abates Delhi NCR; thunderstorm, dust storm tomorrow

Heatwave abates Delhi NCR; thunderstorm, dust storm tomorrow

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Delhi has been battling intense summer heat for the last few days, with severe heatwave making an appearance. Particularly, May 27 saw mercury peaking as both the Safdarjung and Palam observatories recorded day maximums at 46.2 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius, respectively.

However, due to the change in wind direction from northwest to southeast, the temperatures of Delhi-NCR saw a dip by 2-3 degrees. But despite a drop, the temperatures continued to remain above the 40-degree mark.

On Monday, the day temperatures as per Safdarjung and Palam observatories got arrested at 43.5 degrees Celsius and 44.4 degrees Celsius, leading to the abatement of heatwave conditions. Moreover, being southeasterly, the winds are moist in nature and hence, resulting in humid weather conditions. Due to this, the feel-effect of Delhi is also high. leading to high discomfort levels.

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However, Skymet Weather predicts a mild relief from the ongoing hot and dry weather conditions as Delhiites can brace for some thundershowers and thunderstorms over the city and adjoining areas of Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad.

As per Skymet Weather, a feeble trough is likely to develop from northwest Haryana to West Uttar Pradesh across Delhi-NCR. This trough would result in the development of some thunderclouds, leading to thunderstorms and thundershowers at isolated pockets of Delhi-NCR in the next 24 hours.

However, being feeble in nature, the spread of these thunderclouds would not be widespread and would confine to patches only. Moreover, these would occur during the late afternoon hours which is why they would not affect the temperatures much.

These thunderstorms would be accompanied by some strong winds, but they would not be as intense as during the first week of May.

After the spell, the weather of Delhi-NCR would once again become dry and due to the continuous flow of easterly winds, the temperatures may subside further but increased humidity levels would keep the feel like temperature more than normal.

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