Heatwave in Porbandar, Veraval; may grip Ahmedabad, Rajkot

Heatwave in Porbandar, Veraval; may grip Ahmedabad, Rajkot

01:15 PM

Gujarat Heatwave

In the month of April only, the state of Gujarat is experiencing very hot weather conditions. Both the maximum and minimum temperatures are settling above the normal levels by quite an extent. In fact, heatwave conditions have also gripped over some parts of Gujarat. The remaining districts of the state, majorly the interior regions are witnessing maximum temperatures above 40°C.

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Porbandar is one such district which is observing heatwave as the maximum temperature settled at 41.8°C is 8 degrees above normal. In fact, maximum in the coastal station of Veraval also settled at 39.3°C with a departure of 7 degrees.

As per Skymet Weather, the day temperatures are nearing the 40°C mark in the coastal stations. Moreover, the humidity is also high in the coastal areas. Therefore, the residents are experiencing high discomfort as the feel like temperature is more than the actual temperature.

As per weathermen, westerly-northwesterly dry winds will continue to blow over entire Gujarat. These winds are coming all the way from Balochistan and Sindh where the temperatures are touching between 42°C and 43°C. Along with these hot winds, dry weather and clear sky conditions, the temperatures are expected to increase in some more districts of Gujarat. Therefore, some more regions of the states may come under heatwave conditions.

As on April 18, Rajkot witnessed day temperature to the tune of 42°C and Ahmedabad at 41°C. These day maximums are 3°C above normal. Henceforth, in the coming day these two major cities of the state may also experience heatwave.


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