Heatwave like conditions to soon grip Hyderabad

Heatwave like conditions to soon grip Hyderabad

10:50 AM

Summers in HyderabadHyderabad has been witnessing mainly dry weather conditions ever since the beginning of March. Though rains had made an appearance on March 17 but it did not impact the weather. As a result, day maximums continued to settle between early 30s and mid 30s.

Now, the prevailing trough which was at least giving some clouding has also vanished. Weather is now completely clear paving way for warm inland winds from neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. These states are already witnessing day maximums around 39°C.

In wake of this, day maximums are now settling beyond 36-degree mark. On Wednesday, Hyderabad recorded maximum temperature at 37.6°C, which was a degree above the normal average.

Further, the mercury will continue to follow the rising trend and may reach 40-degree mark in the coming days. People across Telangana including Hyderabad will now have to brace for heatwave-like conditions during the leftover days of the month.

According to Skymet Weather, we do not foresee development of any weather system around or over the region. Thus, weather will be clear and favorable for the rise in temperatures.

Since, we have now entered into the pre-Monsoon season, one or two spell of thundershower or thunder squall cannot be ruled over the city. However, during this season, weather activity generally occurs in the late afternoon and evening hours and by then, day temperatures have already peaked.

Thus, even if some activity takes place over the city, it will only give momentary relief and temperatures will start rising again as soon as the weather clears up.

Hyderabad is prone to heatwave conditions during the summer season, that starts gripping the city by April. Heatwave is declared when the maximum temperatures are above normal by 4-5 degrees over a city whose normal average temperature is 40°C or more.

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