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Heavy Chennai rains to continue despite no significant weather system

December 31, 2021 3:10 PM |

Chennai rains have been lashing the city with very heavy showers being recorded yesterday. In a span of 24 hours, Chennai recorded a whopping 201 mm of rains, which is a record rainfall for Chennai.

The last time the city saw such heavy rains in 24 hours for the month of December was in the year 2015 on December 2 when Chennai saw 294.1 mm of rainfall.

These rainfall activities in Chennai are expected to be heavy in nature today as well as tomorrow but may not be as heavy as already experienced yesterday. On January 2, rains may reduce but full clearance is only expected around January 3. These showers will mostly be seen during the late evening and early morning hours, the day remaining comfortable.

A series of strong systems coming in the Northern Hills which have disturbed the normal pattern. The usual Anti Cyclone over Rajasthan has been pushed much to the south, coming over to parts of Maharashtra and even touching parts of Karnataka and Telangana region.

With this, the air flow has changed over the Bay of Bengal, and easterlies streams have picked up pace very strongly over Bay. Thus, whenever the easterlies stream in with speed and hit the coast head on, they cause hefty rains.

Thus, not just Chennai but the entire coastal belt of South Andhra and Tamil Nadu remains vulnerable.

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