Heavy Monsoon rain in Madhya Pradesh to continue, flood situation to remain grim

July 18, 2018 1:43 PM |

Heavy Rain in Madhya Pradesh--Hindustan Times 600The state of Madhya Pradesh is divided into two major divisions, East Madhya Pradesh and West Madhya Pradesh. As per weathermen, East Madhya Pradesh receives more rain as compared to West Madhya Pradesh. The average rainfall of East Madhya Pradesh is 1050 mm and West Madhya Pradesh 876 mm of rains.


East Madhya Pradesh receives more rains as the weather systems usually reach the eastern parts of the state giving hefty showers. When the system further moves towards the western parts, it loses its strength. Though, West Madhya Pradesh is also one of the rainiest pockets.

Despite this usual reason, this year in the month of June, West Madhya Pradesh received more rains and was rain surplus by 19 percent. Meanwhile, East Madhya Pradesh was rain deficient by 18 percent rains.

As July began, a series of weather systems kept lashing the state of Madhya Pradesh with heavy to very heavy rainfall activity. These rains have aggravated flood situations across the state. During the past day also, widespread rain occurred over the state. In fact, few regions also witnessed three digit Monsoon rains.

In the last 24 hours from 8:30 am on Tuesday, Damoh recorded 196 mm of rain, Hoshangabad 77 mm, Sagar 66.6 mm, Bhopal 65.7 mm, Jabalpur 48.8 mm, Guna 42.8 mm, Pachmarhi 28 mm, Umaria 20.6 mm and Betul 14 mm of rains.

Weathermen indicate that moderate to heavy with isolated very heavy Monsoon rains would continue over East Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh during the next 24 hours in the wake of the low pressure area which is prevailing over Northeast Madhya Pradesh and adjoining regions.

The intensity of Monsoon rains would be lesser over the western districts as compared to east during the next 24 hours. However, as soon as the system would move towards the west, rains are likely to increase over the western districts after 24 hours.

Therefore, the flood situation will worsen creating problems in the day to day lives. In fact, there is no stoppage of Monsoon rains for Madhya Pradesh as another system is waiting in line to lash these areas with more rains.

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