High humidity and soaring mercury cause discomfort along the West Coast

High humidity and soaring mercury cause discomfort along the West Coast

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West Coast Weather

Peninsular India observes mild weather conditions during the winter months. However, coastal stations of East and West Coast usually witness contrasting temperature profiles during this period.

The temperature profile over East Coast ranges around 28-30 degrees, while the West Coast observes maximums in the mid-30s.

While East Coast is presently colder than the West Coast, the humidity levels are high over the West Coast of the country. Moreover, the difference in the temperatures is slightly more between the two coastlines than it usually is.

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When it comes to the coastal stations, sea breeze plays an important role in the changing temperatures. The East Coast remains in constant effect of sea breeze due to the winds being easterly in nature.

Meanwhile, West Coast enjoys reversal of winds, i.e., during the morning hours, winds blow from the land and reversal takes place during the afternoon hours and sea breeze affects the coastline.

When winds blow from the land, temperatures witness a rise. Thus, West Coast is heating earlier than expected. Along with this, humidity levels are also sky high along the West Coast due to which discomfort will prevail.

The maximum temperatures have also been settling in the mid-30s in many areas. For instance, yesterday, Punalur recorded its maximum at 34.6°C, Ratnagiri 34.6°C, Kottayam 34.5°C, Mangalore 34.9°C, and Karwar 33.6°C.

As per weathermen, the situation will remain the same. While humidity and high temperatures will not cause any rains over the West Coast, discomfort will be on the higher side.

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