Hopes arise for arrival of Monsoon rains in Gujarat soon

Hopes arise for arrival of Monsoon rains in Gujarat soon

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The state of Gujarat is most volatile in terms of Monsoon performance. Southwest Monsoon sets in around June 15th last full season and even extends up to October 10-15.

There is variation in terms of rain over the state of Gujarat as compared to the other parts of the country. Not only this, but there is variation in the state itself where in Saurashtra and Kutch as well as Gujarat subdivisions see difference in rainfall amounts.

Talking about the four month Monsoon period, Saurashtra and Kutch sea an average of 477.5 mm while Gujarat’s seasonal rainfall stands at 914.7 mm.

However, the core monsoon months for the entire state of Gujarat are July as well as August wherein most amount of rainfall is recorded.

In June, Gujarat contributes to 14% of the state’s rainfall while Saurashtra and Kutch 18%. July sees 40% of rains from Kutch and 37 percent from Gujarat region. In August, Gujarat records 31% of season’s rainfall while Kutch sees 26%. The withdrawal month of September contributes 18% of rains from Gujarat and 16% from Kutch.

So far in June, Gujarat as a whole has contributed the least in terms of rain and has been the most deficient in the entire country which is not a very rare occurrence for the state. At present, Saurashtra and Kutch are 95% rain deficient while Gujarat region is observing rainfall deficiency of 88%.

The table below shows the surplus and deficiency that both subdivisions saw in the previous Monsoon years.

Gujarat Table

This table shows that there is no pattern of monsoon which can derive its performance. Even both the subdivisions perform differently and do not have any link it as such.

Early indication had suggested that Monsoon may reach on time over the state of Gujarat but in the absence of any significant system Monsoon has been a little delayed and remains stagnant currently.

However ,situation is becoming conducive for the formation of a system in Bay around June 24 which will travel across the central parts of the country and be instrumental in bringing in Monsoon rainfall over the state of Gujarat before the month of June comes to an end.

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