Hot, dry weather to persist over Delhi-NCR till weekend

May 25, 2017 2:55 PM |


Maximum temperatures have scaled up in Delhi once again. All thanks to the southwesterly winds blowing from hot and dry region of Rajasthan.

With this, we expect heatwave conditions to make a comeback over the national capital. This would result in scorching and dry weather for the next three days. Day temperatures will now settle in the range of 42°C to 44°C, well above the normal average.


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However, we can expect some relief in form of pre-Monsoon activity appearing around May 28 over Delhi-NCR. Weathermen predict that rain intensity will increase by the end of the month.

From May 28 or 29 till June 1, dust storm, rain or thundershowers will lead to dip in temperature profile, ushering in relief from the intense heat.  In wake of this, humidity levels will rise, however temperatures will recede by 3 to 4 degrees. Hence, weather conditions will be a bit bearable.

Delhi and NCR region witnessed sporadic rainfall activity during the last week. In fact, Monday also recorded good rainfall activity throughout the day with continuous cloud cover. This had led to significant drop of 11 degrees in maximum temperatures that settled at 29.6°C. It was the coolest day of the season.

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