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Hyderabad Receives Poor Rains In August After Wettish July

August 22, 2023 7:08 PM |

The Deccan Plateau state of Telangana has received normal rains during southwest monsoon 2023. Though, the rainy spells had not been equitable, both in space and time. The state was deluged once with extremely heavy and flooding rains and nearly dehydrated for days together, more so in August 2023. At the start of the month on 01st August, the state was rain surplus by a huge 55%.  Drier spells later consumed this bounty and the state turned normal with a seasonal surplus of a mere 17% on 22nd August.

Capital city Hyderabad had a poor start in the opening monsoon month of June.  It caught up later. And in July, a decent spread of monsoon showers lifted the rainfall stats to above the normal, halfway through the season. However, the month of August has been a dampener so far. Otherwise, August is the rainiest month with an average of 203.9mm. The city has recorded only 55mm between the 01st and 22nd of August. Moderate intensity showers were received only on 01st August, amounting to 37mm of rainfall. Thereafter, it did not rain at all for 11 days and less than 1mm rain on 5 days. In the absence of rain, the day temperature has invariably breached the 32°C mark, about 2°C above the normal. Contrastingly, the month of July was rather pleasant with decent cloud cover, moderate breeze and monsoon bursts.

Hyderabad is unlikely to receive its usual share of moderate to intense showers at this time of the year.  Light showers are likely today in some parts of the city. Subsequent 4-5 days may not find the monsoonal weather and fleeting showers may go missing. The fag end of the month may have parting showers between the 28th and 31stAugust. Hefty showers are still ruled out even during this period. Overall, the rainiest monsoon month of August may get listed as one of the driest in the recent past.

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