Hyderabad to witness warm days and comfortable nights ahead

Hyderabad to witness warm days and comfortable nights ahead

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During last two to three days, the minimum temperatures of Hyderabad have increased by 5°C. On December 11, Hyderabad had recorded minimum temperature of 12.7°C which has increased to 17.9°C today.

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The winter chill which was being felt during the morning hours during the initial days of the month has now vanished. But even after the rise, weather during the mornings and nights are still comfortable. According to Skymet Weather, the reason for rise the in temperatures can be attributed to the change in wind direction from northeasterly to southeasterly.

Cool northeasterly winds were blowing straight away from snow-clad Western Himalayas and hence, the temperatures had dropped. At present, warm and humid winds from the Bay of Bengal have increased the morning and night temperatures.

Click the image below to see the live lightning and thunderstorm across HyderabadHyderabad

As per weathermen, it is anticipated that the minimum temperatures would now settle in the range from 17°C to 19°C during the next three to four days.

Meanwhile, the maximum temperatures would hover around 30°C and hence the weather during the daytime will be warm and sunny across Hyderabad. The sky conditions will be clear and rains will not make an appearance for the next few days as there is no significant weather system for it.

It is expected that minimum temperatures would to start falling around December 18 or 19 as the winds are again expected to change direction and will start coming from Northeast direction.

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