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Hyderabad will remain hot, here’s why

May 2, 2016 3:47 PM |

Hyderabad will remain hot, here’s whyHyderabad weather continues to remain hot with temperatures being recorded well above the normal levels. So much so that Hyderabad recorded the highest maximum in 43 years. While the capital city of the newbie Telangana did receive light rain, no respite has been observed during the past few days.

Currently, the maximum in Hyderabad settles at 42 degree Celsius, which happens to be four degrees above the normal levels. Even on and off thunderstorm activity during the past week failed to bring down the sky high maximums.

Telangana lies in Interior Peninsular India closer to the Tropic of Cancer. The state lies in such latitudes that the rays of the sun are almost perpendicular during the summer months. Thus, the city gets heated up at a faster rate and observes higher temperatures.

Pre-Monsoon showers have begun to affect the state of Telangana. However, these rains are not only light and patchy in nature but are also highly localized. Thus, Hyderabad continues to reel under high temperatures.

In the coming days, light Pre-Monsoon showers will continue to affect the city but the possibility of heavy rain has been ruled out. Occasional showers will bring down temperatures by just a notch or so giving marginal relief.

Simply speaking, Hyderabad will not get prolonged relief from the hot weather conditions. In fact, temperatures will remain above the normal levels.

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