If global warming remains uncontrolled NE glacier may vanish

If global warming remains uncontrolled NE glacier may vanish

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Global warming is certainly posing a huge threat to the world in terms of environment changes, forcing countries across the globe to take strict measures in curbing this menace.

According to a report by a number of experts, more than one third of the glaciers in the water tower of Asia i.e. Hindu Kush Himalayan Range will vanish by the end of this century, even if global warming is contained at 1.50˚C.https://www.skymetweather.com/content/wp-admin/post.php?post=126290&action=edit#edit_timestamp

The finding is mainly dreadful for India’s Northeast region. The study states that, if global warming stays unrestricted, eastern Himalayas could face a near-total loss of glaciers, around 95%. Even if the best scenario prevails with 1.50˚C of warming, the region will still lose 65% of its glaciers by 2100.

The glaciers in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Range spanning eight countries right from Afghanistan to Myanmar consist the biggest store of ice outside the poles.

A study also says that, 36% of the glaciers in the region will be gone by 2100, even if carbon emission is severely cut under the most determined goals of the Paris Climate Control.

Gangotri glacier

In India, the most frightening discoveries are on the glaciers in East Himalayas that feed Northeast India. The reason for this is a complication of area change, eastern Himalayan glaciers have tended to shrink faster than the glaciers in central or Western Himalayas.

Contrary to the above, studies also indicate that the Western Himalayas i.e. Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand region along with Karakoram may witness an increase in their glacier mass due to its high probability of snowfall.

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