In a rare event, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik to simultaneously receive rains

In a rare event, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik to simultaneously receive rains

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The cities of Mumbai, Pune and Nashik make a trio within about 200 km of distance with Mumbai being situated right on the coast. Meanwhile, the cities of Nashik and Pune lie on the lee side of the Ghats. Nashik and Pune lie on an elevation of 2000 ft and 1800 ft respectively.

While all these areas lie in proximity with each other, the climatic variation is quite large for these cities. The monthly mean for Nashik and Pune throughout the year does not exceed more than 200 mm. The month of July is the rainiest for all three cities wherein Mumbai records a whopping 840 mm while Pune and Nashik’s monthly mean stands at 187 mm, and 156 mm, respectively.

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The annual rain for Mumbai is also three times as compared to Nashik as well as Pune. The month of March is usually dry for all these cities with Mumbai witnessing its March mean as nil, Nashik at 0.3 mm while Pune is a tad bit better at 5.3 mm.

As far as the temperatures are concerned, during March, the maximums settle in the high 30s and at times even clock to 40 degrees. Yesterday, both Pune and Nashik recorded their highest maximum of the season at 37.3°C, and 36.5°C, respectively. Mumbai had also recorded its highest maximum at 37.8°C two days ago.

So far this year, March has remained dry for all the three cities and not even a drop of rain has been recorded over the city. However, now, weather conditions are favourable for some rains in all the three locations. A depression is over Southeast Arabian Sea which is expected to move towards the Konkan coast gradually weakening. Along with this, a trough is running from Konkan and Goa coast up to Coastal Karnataka. Thus, moist winds from the Arabian Sea will blow over the region resulting in cloud development and subsequently rains.

These rains are likely to occur over the cities of Mumbai, Pune and Nashik on March 15 and 16. These showers will be of lighter intensity. However, with these rains, a drop in the temperatures is expected which would bring some relief.

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