Independence Day Weather Forecast for major cities in India

August 15, 2019 5:00 AM |

Weather Forecast


The national capital of Delhi, the city which enthralls the most under the spirit of tricolor will see a cloudy morning today. This would mean the absence of spoilsport played by the rains. The weather might remain a little humid causing some discomfort.  Rains are forecast for Delhi in the latter part of the day. 


Weather is expected to remain cloudy and pleasant in Bengaluru throughout. Some rains are expected during the evening hours which will not hamper the celebrations. Day temperatures would remain comfortable.  


The city has been witnessing good rains since the last few days. We expect these rains to continue even further and a few spells of rain and thundershowers are expected today.

Day temperatures will remain in a comfortable range around 31 to 32°C.


A partly cloudy sky would prevail. The morning will face no hinderance weather-wise and temperatures will remain in the mid-30s. Humidity will prevail. Some light rains are possible in the evening.


The city of Srinagar will celebrate its first Independence Day hoisting the same tricolored flag today. As a feeble Western Disturbance has formed above Jammu and Kashmir the sky will remain mainly cloudy. Temperatures will remain around 18 to 19°C around the morning and will increase towards the day.


Rains can play spoilsport on the occasion of Independence Day in the morning time as heavy rains are being forecast for the city.


The peripherals of the weather system will induce moderate rains over the city.


Shimla will observe light to moderate rains in the morning hours. Temperatures will remain the mid-20s. However, tourists who are back in Shimla for the long weekend will not get to see any difficulty in their travel as the chances of landslides is ruled out.

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Weather Forecast

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