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Intense rains kill 27 in Rajasthan; showers in Churu, Pilani, Alwar to continue

May 3, 2018 1:59 PM |

Rajasthan Rains

Intense thunderstorm, dust storm and lightning strikes hit the state of Rajasthan during the past day. The intensity of these pre Monsoon activities was so much that 27 people across the districts of Dholpur, Alwar and Bharatpur have lost their lives.

In fact, some districts also observed hailstorm activities along with gusty winds gushing up to 100 kmph. With this, the trees got uprooted, electric wires fell off and many houses burnt.

During the last 24 hours from 8:30 am on Wednesday, Pilani recorded 26 mm of rains, Bharatpur 20 mm, and traces of rains were seen in Bikaner.


As per Skymet Weather, the pre-Monsoon activities occurred due to the rise in day temperatures and formation of an induced cyclonic circulation over North Rajasthan and adjoining area. In fact, thunderclouds developed over northwest parts of Rajasthan and moved towards the east along the trough which was extending up to East Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Check out the live lightning and thunderstorm across Rajasthan

Rajasthan Lightning


As per weathermen, the cyclonic circulation which is persisting over Haryana and adjoining Rajasthan and the moisture laden south easterly winds are pre-Monsoon rains, thundershower, dust storm and thunderstorm activities will continue to occur.

The northern and northeastern districts of Rajasthan will be majorly affected. However, the intensity will be lower than yesterday. In fact, by tomorrow the weather is expected to clear up and the temperatures would also rise.

Places such as Churu, Pilani, Sikar, Alwar, Sri Ganganagar, Hanumangarh and Dausa will continue to record pre-Monsoon weather activities. Capital city of Jaipur might also record light thundershower activity.

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