Intensity of Mumbai rains to go light now, Ganpati Visarjan to take place smoothly

September 10, 2019 8:57 AM |

Ganpati visarjan in Mumbai

As the intensity of Mumbai rains would remain light only for the next two to three days, we do not expect any hindrance in ‘Ganpati Visarjan’ and it would be carried out smoothly.

Mumbai rains of different intensities have been observed during the last two to three days. In the last 21 hours, Monsoon rains to the tune of 54 mm have been recorded, of which 49 mm rains alone were reported in a span of just 6 hours. However, since yesterday afternoon, the rainfall activities started decreasing and only light showers of 5 mm were observed during evening and night hours.

According to our meteorologists, as the offshore Trough has weakened, we do not expect any significant rainfall activities in Mumbai and suburbs for at least next two to three days. Only light showers with one or two localised intense spells are likely. Moreover, as the intensity would be on the much lower side, we do not expect any hindrance in ‘Ganpati Visarjan’.

Further, another spell of significant rain and thundershower activity is expected around September 14 or 15, wherein moderate showers with one or two intense spells may appear over the city and adjoining area. As of now, there is no possibility of heavy to very heavy rains which may lead to widespread flooding or traffic chaos.

Mumbai has easily managed to surpass its decade long monthly record of 756.5 mm, which was recorded in the year 2016. The all-time September record for the city of Mumbai stands at 920 mm observed in the year 1954.

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