Know reason behind hailstorm in Delhi and NCR area

Know reason behind hailstorm in Delhi and NCR area

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Delhi Hailstorm

When Delhi appeared like Kashmir!

The heavy spell of hailstorm on Thursday evening painted entire Delhi and NCR area completely white. The entire region got covered in a blanket of white. Situation was such that Delhiites had a feeling that they have been teleported to some hill station like Kashmir or Himachal Pradesh.

Disturbance caused

On one hand, where people were excited to witness this sudden change in the weather thereby comparing Delhi with some winter wonderland, on the other hand, the hailstorm activities resulted in massive disruption of both traffic as well as flight operations.

Nobody expected this unusual sight. The social media was all flooded by the stories of people carrying hailstones in their hands.

Reason behind this hailstorm

According to Skymet Weather, the reason for such heavy hailstorm activities can be attributed to the series of factors. The first being, formation of a confluence zone. A confluence zone is an area were two opposite winds meet. Moreover, strong winds in the form of jet streams were taking over the northern plains thereby leading to deep cloud formation in the lower levels. In wake of the combination of cold winds, low temperatures as well as the Western Disturbance, thundercloud and hail formation lashed over Delhi.

Rains over Delhi and NCR

On Thursday, Delhi recorded maximum at 19.1℃, which was below normal by 4℃. The two observatories i.e. Palam and Ridge recorded 3.2 and 3.4 mm of rainfall respectively on Thursday.

 Air quality improves

Rains significantly resulted in improving air quality of Delhi and NCR area. In fact, Air Quality Index has come under ‘moderate to satisfactory’ category for most places now. All thanks to the influence of Western Disturbance, scattered rains as well as high speed winds. Further,pollution will stay under ‘moderate’ category for next 24 hours. Thereafter, a marginal rise is expected.

Fog update

Rains have significantly resulted in good visibility levels over Delhi and NCR. However, there is some possibility of foggy conditions to return over the next few days. Early morning hours might observe shallow fog and mist. Meanwhile, minimums will settle around 8℃, while maximums will remain close to 21℃.

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