Know which cities in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan almost froze this season

January 27, 2020 1:56 PM |

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The North Indian Plains observe harsh winters during the second half of December and last until the  end of January. However, these winters become all the more severe during the end of December and the entire month of January.

This season, severe biting cold winters made an appearance mid of December onward over the North Indian Plains including parts of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. This time, it was early  on account of increased number and frequency of Western Disturbances. Both the months of December and January saw far excess rains than the normal levels.

In fact, excess snowfall was observed over the hills of North India. Therefore, even the plains saw drop in temperatures and many locations almost froze.

Talking about the state of Rajasthan, Sikar saw zero and sub zero minimums throughout the last week of December starting December 26 at 0 degree Celsius, -0.8 degrees on December 27, -1 degree on December 28, 0 degree on December 29, and -0.5 degree on December 30.

Pilani also saw similar minimums on December 26 (0.5 degree), 27 (0.4 degree), and 28 (0.6 degree). Churu saw minimum at -0.6 degree on December 27.

In Haryana, Narnaul saw the minimum at 0.5 degree Celsius on December 28. Hisar observed its minimum at 0.3 degree Celsius on December 27, 0.2 degree on December 28 and 29. Karnal on the other hand had close to freezing minimums on January 1 at 0.6 degree Celsius. In fact, this was a record breaking low for the city.

Similarly, on January 1, several cities of Punjab saw freezing minimums including Ludhiana at 0.3 degree Celsius, Pathankot 0.8 degree and Bathinda 0.5 degree Celsius.

Uttar Pradesh saw such temperatures on December 31 including Kanpur at 0 degree Celsius, and Lucknow at 0.7 degree.

Most of these temperatures have been on the lower side during the fag end of December and first couple of days of January.

Normally freezing temperatures are common in the hills but plains remain in positive digits. However, extensive cold conditions make an appearance

Now, due to the fag end of January, cold starts to recede and weather becomes even better in February. In the remaining days of January, a rainy spell is expected to approach the hills and plains of North India due to which, minimums at the time of rains will only increase.

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