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Kolkata heading for 2nd spell of winter rain, longer and heavier than the previous one

February 9, 2021 5:43 PM |

Kolkata Rains

Kolkata received first winter rain of this season on 06th February 2021. Both the observatories of Kolkata, Alipore and Dumdum recorded 1mm of rainfall. Prior to this, December 2020 and January 2021 remained totally dry for Kolkata. The last downpour in Kolkata was observed on 20th November 2020 when Dumdum and Alipore registered 37mm and 23mm rainfall. This may not be truly considered winter rain as the temperature around that time languish around low 30’s.

As such, December is the least rainiest month for Kolkata with an average of 3.2mm closely followed by January with a meagre total of 10.4mm. February goes double that of January over Kolkata and increases further during the pre-monsoon from March onward. June to September, the 4 monsoon months are the rainiest for Kolkata with each one clocking over 300mm rainfall and topped by July with nearly 400mm.

Heat starts catching up in February itself when the day temperature inches toward 30°C mark in Kolkata and the minimum in the high teens during 2nd half of the month. This change coupled with a bit of moisture lashes the Kolkata with 'on & off' rains. The weather situation is shaping up for one such wet spell over Kolkata, slightly intense and prolonged too, between 17th and 21st February. Start and end of the spell could be mild and adequately wet in between. Rain and showers accompanied with lightning and thunderstorm may as well be the highlight to sign off the winter season for Kolkata. Probability of hailstorm in Kolkata also increases sharply during February end and the upcoming March.

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