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Large surplus rainfall over many parts of a country in January 2022 so far

January 30, 2022 1:18 PM |

The month of January is almost over and between January 1st and 29 many parts of the country have received large access the rainfall. The country as a whole received a surface of 147 %. East and northeast India is surplus by 48%, northwest India is surplus by 152%, Central India by 229% and south Peninsula by 150%.

Although east and Northeast India is surplus by just 48% but none of the state is deficient or large deficient in this reason. Whereas Karnataka Kerala and Lakshadweep are large rain deficient, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands is deficient in South Peninsula. In contrast all the material logical divisions in northwest India are large rain excess.

Reason of this surplus rainfall over most of the country can be attributed to the large number of Western disturbances which have given excess snowfall over western Himalayas and surplus rain over northern parts of the country. Central India and east India also witnessed unseasonal rains due to the formation of cyclonic circulation over southwest Rajasthan and a trough across central and east India.

This surplus rain activities over also a responsible for prolonged cold day conditions over many parts of northwest and Central India. The month of February will also commence with heavy snowfall over Western Himalayas and unseen Alliance over Northwest Central and east India.

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