Weather Forecast for Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra

Weather Forecast for Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra

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Weather Forecast for Rajasthan

Weather is expected to remain dry in Rajasthan until January 23. However, on January 24, north and west parts of Rajasthan will witness isolated showers. On January 25, many parts of the state will receive light to moderate rain and thundershowers. Isolated rains are a possibility over one or two places. The intensity of rain will be more in East and central parts of Rajasthan. Thereafter, by January 27, rain belt will shift further east and northeast part of the country will witness good showers. Minimum temperatures are likely to increase by 3-4 degrees over many parts of the state between January 21 and January 25. Maximum temperatures are likely to fall by 3-4 degrees due to cloud cover and rain. The maximum temperatures will be in the range of 18°C to 25°C and minimum temperatures will be between 4°C and 12°C.

Weather Forecast for Gujarat

Most of Gujarat will witness dry and warm weather throughout this week. Light rains are expected at a few parts over the Kutch region. Weather is expected to become dry again from January 27 onward. The maximum temperatures will be in the range of 25°C to 30°C and minimum temperatures will be between 10°C and 20°C.

Weather Forecast for Maharashtra 

Maharashtra will witness dry weather conditions throughout this week. Isolated showers may occur over parts of Marathwada and South Madhya Maharashtra on January 27. The maximum temperatures will be in the range of 27°C to 34°C and minimum temperatures will be between 12°C and 20°C.

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148 thoughts on “Weather Forecast for Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra

  1. Vishnu deo

    First of all thank you for the update you provide which is very help full for people like me.. can you please update till how long heavy rain chance’s at hyderabas

  2. Chirag Bhundiya

    आप बहोत ही अछी जानकरी दे रहे हे।Thank you

  3. chirag

    sir ur pridiction is 113% rain in gujarat. but still dry mostly all place only 5/6 place recive good rain. so can u tell when all gujarat recive good rain ???

    1. Skymet Editorial

      Light to moderate rain and thundershowers at some places with hail storm over isolated parts are likely over Aurangabad, Buldhana, Dhule, Jalgaon, Jalna, Kolhapur, Nandurbar, Nashik, Pune, Raigad, Sangli, Satara, Sindhudurg, Solapur and Thane districts of Maharashtra during the next 48 hours.

      Skymet Editorial

  4. shakti chhabra

    please give me weather report of following cities:-
    1. jodhpur
    2. barmer
    3. bikaner
    4. jaisailmer
    5. mohangarh

  5. santosh mudholkar

    I observed for last 15 -25 days your Forecast for marathwada was totally fail when you show 50-95 mm rain that day it’s only 5mm Today morning you show 36 mm rain possibility on Friday 28 now you change it 00.As per yesterday forecast for Nanded 60% possibility bot actual it’s 0%.What is this

  6. Walmik patil

    respected sir
    in dhule district there is no rainfall, famine conditions. whe n will start good rainfall or not. today low pressure in bay of bengal it brings rainfall?

  7. shridhar shanbhag

    Today on 23.08.2015, if seen in world weather over the Indian region cloud forming seen only over Kerala and tamilnadu.rest India is cloudless. How one can expect rains. It seems that predication declared by I M D is true.AL NINO factor showing the influence.

  8. sugam b.s

    I use skymet for my forecast requirement,it is good,it loads faster than BBC, accuweather, keep it up, only wish it was more area specific, like for instance I have to acess mudigere to know forecast for kalasa,which is more than 60 kms ,may not necessarily be accurate for my region, anyway your website. Has been a boon,all the best ahead

  9. Rajan Mehta

    Dear skymet
    In the whole August month there is no rain in saurashtra. Is there any possibility in September to develop any system in Arabian sea and give rain to saurashtra.

  10. nilesh joshi

    sir porbandar gujrat me abtak 2 raud ayehe baris ke or mahaj 8 /9 inch barish aayi he to ab bhari baris aayegi?

  11. Devat Barad

    गुजरात के द्रारका ओर जामनगर मे बारीस कब होगी पलीज बतावो ना

  12. charudatta Patil

    Hi Team,

    Since long time there is not good rainfall in Western Maharashtra, Is there any possibilities of getting good rainfall in coming weeks.

  13. Sanjay A Gaikwad

    Sir, elaborate how is the monsoon in the month of September. We are living in Central Maharashtra and so far deficiency is -36%. Can any chance to improve in September or in October 2015.
    Plz reply…..
    S A Gaikwad
    Kokangaon, Tal- Niphad

  14. Hemant Varu

    गुजरात के दरीया पटी ऐरीया दारका जामनगर। अगले कीतने दीनो मे बारीश के आसार है या नही। पलीज

  15. mavji dervaliya

    We have only two spell of rain but no rain for last 22 day when we have third speel of rain in sovrastra

  16. hanumantha rao poluri

    will there be any rain in this month , in surrounding of kurugodu mandal.karnataka state.

  17. suneel

    Is there chances of drought in kalyan-dombivli..
    Because till today their is only 40% of monsoon rain… It seems to be a dangerous signal for coming days…is there any for normal monsoon in this region pls reply…..

  18. shripad phatak

    scanty showers in Pune occured on7thaugust.Good rain in Mahabaleshwar heled Rise in Water level of Koyna Dam nearing80%full1Hope it will be full by August end.I am afrid of small tremorsof3to3.5mb by18th&25th august,let us waiit&see.

  19. Sunil Kumar

    Can you please provide me the details of floods occurred in Banaskantha district in Gujarat in the month of July, 2015?

  20. Niraj Patni

    Rain god is really partial towards marathwada,when will it rain heavily in aurangabad.Government is trying for artificial rains,is there any chance for it to be successful.

  21. nagesh kulkarni

    हिंगोली मधे पाऊस केंव्हा पडनार। वह किती

  22. vipul gohel

    Gujarat me achi bares kab hogi kya ye al neno ka prabhav he ye all ne no kab htega

  23. vipul gohel

    Gujarat me achi bares kab hogi kya ye al neno ka prabhav he ye all be no kab htega

  24. Rajan Mehta

    Today is 21st and no sign of rain in jamnagar. The weather is sunny here. July month is going to end hence no rain at all in jamnagar.

  25. rajgopal

    what will be the adilabad telangana weather updates in August month and July last week.

  26. Rajan Mehta

    When saurashtra will get heavy rain like other parts of India. We need rain badly. Because here all the dams are empty.

  27. mer kismat

    how much amount of rain will fall during 20 to23 july in saurastra region of gujarat?

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