Light rain in parts of Madhya Pradesh around February 25

Light rain in parts of Madhya Pradesh around February 25

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Rain in Madhya Pradesh

The state of Madhya Pradesh is made up of two sub-divisions namely West Madhya Pradesh and East Madhya Pradesh. Both these sub-divisions experience different characteristics during the winter season. In fact, winters are not very severe over the entire state but still few pockets manage to observe significant weather activities in the wake of string of weather systems.

Generally, the western parts experience rains due to the weather systems over the northern hills and plains. Meanwhile, the eastern parts tend to observe weather activities sometimes due to the peripherals of the systems travelling from North India and at times due to systems from East India.

Average normal rains during the winter months of January and February over West Madhya Pradesh are 14% and with almost double the average rains, East Madhya Pradesh’s normal rains are 35%. Now as of February 20, West Madhya Pradesh is rain deficient by 61% and East Madhya Pradesh by 37%.

Further also, even though most parts of North India are experiencing widespread rain and thundershowers, we do not expect much rains over Madhya Pradesh. But still around February 25, light rainfall activity is likely over few parts of the state.

As the intensity of these rains will not be much and they will only last for a short duration, we do not expect any improvement from the ongoing large rain deficiency over both the sub-divisions of Madhya Pradesh.

With February almost about to end, it is also going to the 4th consecutive year wherein Madhya Pradesh will be recorded poor winter rains. Moreover, the last good rainy winter season seen over Madhya Pradesh was in 2015.

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