Light rain in South Gujarat to continue for next 24 hours

Light rain in South Gujarat to continue for next 24 hours

03:07 PM

Rains to continue over South Gujarat for another 24 hours; dry weather in Ahmedabad

Gujarat has been under the influence of summer heat with the temperatures soaring above the 40-degree mark, since the beginning of June. Pre-Monsoon activities have not occurred over the state for a very long time. However, since last few days isolated pockets of South Gujarat have been witnessing on and off spells of rain.

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Generally, also, the state hardly experiences pre-Monsoon activities during the months of March to May. In June that the state tends to witness some activities, particularly, during the second half of the month.

However, Southwest Monsoon has arrived in the Southern Peninsula and with its arrival, a little change in the wind pattern was seen. During the last 24 hours, isolated pockets of the state got to witness some light pre-Monsoon spells. On the other hand, almost the entire state continued to remain dry.

The off-shore trough which was extending from Karnataka Coast to Kerala Coast has been extending northwards and now the same system is seen extending from northern parts of Maharashtra Coast to Kerala coast. Hence moisture incursion took place over Gujarat which has resulted in light rain over isolated pockets of Gujarat.

In the last 24 hours from 8:30 am on Friday, Gandhinagar recorded 3 mm of rain, followed by Veraval 2.4 mm and Porbandar 0.2 mm.

These light rainfall activities are expected to continue in short spells at few places during the next 24-36 hours, as the same system will be seen persisting.

Thereafter, rainfall activity will be seen reducing till the onset of monsoon over the state.

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