Light rain over Bengaluru during the next 24 hours

Light rain over Bengaluru during the next 24 hours

04:03 PM


During the last 24 hours, the city of Bangalore experienced moderate rain and thunder shower activities. Along with this, strong gusty winds have been blowing over the entire city. Maximum temperature remained at 25°C whereas the minimum remained at 19.6°C. The day temperatures were deviant from the Normal by -2 degrees.

Presently, the Trough of Easterlies is extending from Comorin areas up to southern parts of state of Karnataka. Due to the presence of this system, currently moist winds are blowing over the city.

Hence, Thereafter, rain intensity is bound to decrease. The day temperatures which have reduced significantly during the last 24 hours, will yet again increase rapidly. In the coming day, maximum temperatures are likely to range between 27 to 29 degree Celsius. Thereafter, day temperatures will continue to increase gradually until the next some days, before Bengaluru is visited by some another considerable weather activity.

In the coming days, cloud cover is expected to reduce considerably over the area. However, dry weather will continue to prevail as the above system will be weakening and shifting westwards.

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