Light rains in Chennai for the rest of August, district rain surplus by 17%

August 26, 2019 2:00 PM |

Chennai rains

Monsoon season is obviously not the rainiest one for the state of Tamil Nadu. The Post-Monsoon season is the rainiest one for the state of Tamil Nadu and 50% of rains are solely recorded during this period which is from October to December.

Tamil Nadu as we know is a rain shadow area and is on the other side of the Nilgiris. Therefore, fewer rains are seen here in comparison to the other neighbouring states like Kerala.

Also, Tamil Nadu doesn’t experience a large deficit or large surplus which is a case many times.

In 80% of the cases, the rainfall values are close to +/- 10% during the Monsoon. Since 2005, the biggest surplus has been 37% which was witnessed in 2017 while a large deficit ff 23% was recorded in 2012. This is how the range varies.

This time the season has started off on a different note. The months of June and July experienced large shortages. The month of June was rain deficit by 38% and July followed with a deficiency of 23%. Hence, the first half of the season ended with a deficiency of 29%.

Well, this trend even continued in the first week of August wherein till August 5, the deficiency amounted to 33% which was season’s largest deficiency.

Thereafter, two good spells have been recorded. The first spell was between August 6 to August 10 wherein moderate to heavy rains were witnessed. These good rains helped in pulling down the deficiency levels to 13% and once again the rains were very little over the state. Due to a lean phase for almost four to five days that is between August 11 to August 16, the rain deficiency mounted to 15%.

Yet another good spell was seen from August 17 to August 23 wherein the first four days saw the season’s heaviest rains. In the wake of these rains, the deficiency wiped out and started running surplus by 7%.

Post this, subdued activities are being seen and a similar trend will follow for the rest of the month. Localised or patchy rains can be seen which is likely to consume rainfall surplus.

Chennai as a district has performed quite well and is rain surplus by 17% in this season. Chennai too will see light rains or patchy rains due to localised weather conditions.

These localised weather activities will be because of the interaction of opposite winds that is one from the southwest and other from the east. These rains will be most likely patchy in nature. There are no other factors that can bring rain like upper air circulation which was the reason for rain a few days ago.

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