Light rains, pleasant weather awaits Bengaluru

Light rains, pleasant weather awaits Bengaluru

04:01 PM

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Monsoon rains have played their part well for Bengaluru in the month of September wherein the city has recorded 4-5 good spells of rains. Counting on those rains, the so called ‘Silicon Valley’ of the country could surpass its monthly mean within the early second week of the month.

Though after a lavish occurrence of two consecutive days, that is on September 8 and 9, the rains stopped from showing up in Bengaluru. Since then, the city has been under the influence of dry weather conditions.

The same has ushered in the last 24 hours as well wherein the city has failed to record any rains. The maximums that were under the 30-degree mark during the rainy episode have scaled up to settle close to the above-mentioned mark.

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As pet Skymet Weather, a north-south trough is extending from South Madhya Pradesh to the north of Kerala. In the wake of this, rainfall activity is anticipated to continue in many parts of Karnataka but will reduce over the southern parts of the state.


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For Bengaluru, light rains with one or two odd moderate showers are foreseen on cards for the next 2-3 days. Due to this, the weather is expected to become pleasant and the mercury levels will once again witness slight drop. The morning hours will become pleasant a comfortable and windy day will follow.

Up until this date, in pretty much 10 days of September, Bengaluru has already recorded an astounding 344.1 mm of rain as against its monthly mean of 212.8 mm. With 18 days still left in the period of September, it appears like Bengaluru will effectively have the capacity to break the decade old record of the most noteworthy monthly rainfall.

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