Light scattered rains to make rest of November comfortable for Kerala

November 20, 2019 3:51 PM |

Kerala rains


Throughout the month of October and November, the city of Kerala has witnessed good rainfall activity. By the end of October, Kerala was rain surplus by 55% which indicates that rains in the month of October were very good. Although Northeast Monsoon became subdued during the first thirteen days of November and weather of Tamil Nadu went dry.

At present, Kerala is rain surplus by 33% as the intensity of rains decreased in the month of November and in spite of on and off rains overall average dipped in November. During the last 24 hours, many parts of Kerala witnessed scattered rains.

During the last two to three days, scattered light to moderate showers has occurred in most parts of Kerala.

Now a Cyclonic Circulation is over Coastal Karnataka. Due to the presence of this significant weather system, we expect moderate showers to continue in Kerala for another 24 hours.  Thereafter, we do not expect any intense or heavy spell in Kerala for one week or so. So, we can say that after 24 hours, the Northeast Monsoon will become subdue in the state.

But scattered light rains will continue and the weather will not go completely dry. However, the month of November is expected to end on a deficient note for the state.

On and off rains will keep the temperature under check and cloudy sky with light scattered showers will ensure that the weather in Kerala remains comfortable for the rest of November.

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