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Little respite from Kerala floods, rains likely to increase around Oct 20

October 18, 2021 2:45 PM |

The state of Kerala has been battling with flooding conditions with heavy rains lashing the state. However, there has been some respite since yesterday and such a situation is likely to stay in for some time.  

Normally, Kerala is susceptible to heavy and flooding rains during the Southwest Monsoon period. Both 2018 and 2019 saw flooding rains during the months of July as well as August. The post- Monsoon season or during the Northeast Monsoon, Kerala rains are not as punishing as the Southwest Monsoons season.

However, October is the rainiest out of the three months of Northeast Monsoon season. Rains reduce to half of what we see in October during the month of November. October sees 300 mm of rains in Kerala, for November it reduces to 150 mm in November to just about 30-40 mm.

Against that, the daily rainfall in the last few days for Kerala has increased to 700-800 percent. This is what has caused flooding over most parts. The state has already seen 140 percent of the rains in the first half of the month.

From the current deluge, there has been some respite from the rains since yesterday. A similar situation is expected today as well with rains being light in most places with only isolated moderate showers. Tomorrow also, rains will be light and moderate in nature only. Thus, a respite is expected for the next two days.

But then, thereafter, rains are visiting once again starting October 20 to October 24. Thus, rains will pick up pace, not being as heavy as the present deluge. The last spell occurred due to a Low Pressure area which moved right towards the state and caused such heavy rains

The upcoming spell is in view of the likely season that is going to set in, which is the Northeast Monsoon season. There is an easterly system which will once again be causing some rains. These upcoming rains will be moderate in nature and some places may see some heavy showers.

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