Madhya Pradesh cooler than Delhi, trend to continue for coming days

Madhya Pradesh cooler than Delhi, trend to continue for coming days

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As we enter into the second half of the month of December,  we see minimum temperatures across Indo-Gangetic plains and Central India settling in single digit. Both Delhi and Madhya Pradesh are no different to this trend.

As per the experts, the activities up in the hills mainly govern the weather conditions of these parts of the country. Domino affect can be seen like the cool winds from the north make way and sweep further into plains, thus making way till Central India.

The western parts of Madhya Pradesh go on to record temperatures which are at times lower than the temperature of the places in northern plains. For instance, on Wednesday, Damoh recorded morning temperature at 6 °C, Guna 5°C, Ujjain 5°C, Betul 4.5°C, Datia 4.1°C and Khajuraho 3.1°C.

Meanwhile, capital territory of Delhi has been recording minimums around 5°C for last three to four successive days.

The additional influential factor is that these places in Madhya Pradesh are far from any kind of weather system taking place up in the north. Both Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan fall in a geographical area where Vindhyachal and Aravalli ranges are seen. Mountains too play a bigger role as they help in modification of the air mass.

Other local factors like water bodies, forest cover/green cover, mountains, sub-soil and overall surface area are also responsible for altering the weather conditions. To some extent all these factors can be seen in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The northern plains of the country get affected by the passage of western disturbances which leads to winter rains. Whereas, state of Madhya Pradesh stays away from these weather systems. However, the weather conditions up in north do trickle down and eventually affects the state of Madhya Pradesh as well.

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