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March 2023 ends with Pan India rain surplus of 26 percent

April 1, 2023 11:00 AM |

March 2023 has witnessed contrasting weather conditions wherein the first half was been warmer than usual. The first half of the week was significantly deficient and the driest wherein the deficiency for 15 days was at 75 percent.

However, despite that March ended in surplus note due to the second half performing very well. The second half of March witnessed intense weather activities across the country. Western Disturbances which were dormant during February, became active in second half of March. Pre-monsoon rain commenced from March 16 and continued until March 20.

The unusually long spell of rain which covered most parts of the country. Rain, thunderstorm, strong winds and hail had devastating impact over standing crops across Northwest and Central India. There was a break in rain activities between March 25th and 29. However, the last 2 to 3 days of the month witnessed another intense spell over Northwest, Central, East, and Northeast India.

Country remained surplus by 26%. Out of 36 Meteorological division, 22 were large excess, 2 remained Excess, 5 were in normal rain category, 4 remained deficient and 3 large deficient. In 2022, the deficiency was at -70 percent, 2021 at -45 percent, and 2020 at +47 percent.

Reason of these unseasonal rain in the second half of the month can be attributed to the frequent active Western disturbances, induced cyclonic circulations over Rajasthan and Central Pakistan, east west trough from Rajasthan to east India as well as north south through which persisted from Central India to South Peninsula. Moreover, anti-cyclones which developed over Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea pushed moisture laden winds over mainland.

First week of April may also witness scattered showers over northern plains therefore, temperatures will not rise much anytime soon.

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