Mercury levels in Delhi may reach 40 degrees; dust storm on April 27

Mercury levels in Delhi may reach 40 degrees; dust storm on April 27

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As predicted by Skymet Weather, the maximum temperatures of Delhi and NCR after witnessing a significant drop in the last 48 hours, rose once again. However, they still remained under the 40-degree mark.

The drop in the temperatures was triggered by the recent thunderstorm activities that occurred in Delhi and adjoining Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad on April 20.

As per Skymet Weather, cool winds from the Western Himalayan region which have been affected by active Western Disturbances are blowing over the region. This Western Disturbance was responsible for giving some rains over the hills of North India. The upper reaches of the hills of North India also witnessed some snowfall activities which aided to this drop.

On Monday also, Delhi’s Safdarjung Observatory recorded the daytime high at 36.8 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, Palam Observatory recorded the maximum temperature at 38 degrees Celsius. Both the temperatures are near normal at present.

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The minimums also followed the similar trend and today, settled 2 degrees below the normal as per the Palam Observatory at 21.2ºC. On the other hand, the minimum temperature as recorded by Safdarjung Observatory today stood at 20.5ºC which was 3 degrees beneath the normal.

However, now, the temperatures of Delhi and NCR are expected to witness a rise for the next 24-48 hours, so much so, that the mercury levels may touch or even cross the 40-degree mark.

The winds are also expected to change over Delhi and NCR and the speed of the winds would also reduce. Moreover, the winds would also change from northwesterly to southeasterly which would lead to a rise in the mercury levels.

As per Skymet Weather, a fresh but Western Disturbance as an upper air system is likely to affect the Western Himalayan region on April 25. However, this weather system would be feeble in nature and would just give isolated dust storm over the region.

Thereafter, another Western Disturbance would affect the region around April 26. This would induce a cyclonic circulation over North Punjab and adjoining Pakistan. A trough from this cyclonic circulation is also running up to West Uttar Pradesh across North Haryana.

In the wake of this, pre-Monsoon activities in the form of the isolated thunderstorm and dust storm with possibilities of light rain may occur over Delhi and NCR on April 27.

Due to this, the winds over Delhi and NCR would become easterly, the evening will also remain warm, uneasiness during the afternoon hours would also increase. Generally, rainfall in the month of April for the city remains less frequent with the average monthly rains as per the Safdarjung Observatory amounting to 13 mm which the city has already met.

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