Minimums over Northwest India to play see saw

Minimums over Northwest India to play see saw

05:22 PM

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Since past many days, minimums over northwestern plains of the country have been following a see- saw trend. At one time these are rising rapidly, while other time a falling trend is being noticed. The reason for this up and down temperature pattern can be attributed to the approach of successive Western Disturbances.

Generally, when Western Disturbances hit one after the other, the flow of wind gets altered. Moreover, in between the gap of two Western Disturbances, cold winds from north direction start blowing over the region thereby dropping minimums. Meanwhile, in between approach and passage of a Western Disturbance, another Western Disturbance makes its presence. This scenario leads to flow of warm and humid winds from east/southeast directions which increase the minimums.

Since last two to three days, minimums of Northwest India have been on a rising trend. In fact, these have remained above normal by 1℃ to 2℃ while by 2℃-3℃ over some places.

However in wake of the Western Disturbance, that has recently moved away thereby leading to commencement of winds from north/northwest directions, temperatures have started to fall and have already dropped by 2℃ to 5℃ over many places such as Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and North Rajasthan.

Data- wise, minimums have significantly dropped by 5℃ over Amritsar, Pilani and Sikar while around 6℃ over Churu during last 24 hours. Further, this falling trend will continue for next 24 hours. Thereafter, another fresh Western Disturbance will hit the region and increase the temperatures.

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