Minimums to drop over Mumbai, Maharashtra; Cold Wave not returning anytime soon

January 7, 2019 5:59 PM |

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The state of Maharashtra was reeling under Cold Wave conditions from December 28 to January 1 due to extremely low temperatures. In fact, some parts of Vidarbha even experienced severe Cold Wave conditions giving major reason to its residents to slay their winter outfits. Mercury had dropped to 3.5℃ over Nagpur as on December 29, which is quite a rare affair for the ‘Orange city’. Likewise, several districts of state reported minimums below than 5℃, thereby making this season the coldest affair for state of Maharashtra.

The residents here happily celebrated New year and welcomed 2019 with cold and pleasant weather all around. However, they were unaware of the fact that mother nature had some other plans for them .

Since January 2, temperatures once again started rising thereby abating Cold Wave condition from entire Maharashtra. Credit for this increase in temperature goes to easterly and southeasterly winds coming all the way from Bay of Bengal.

However, Maharashtra is one of those states, more prone to change its weather with a rapid change in wind direction. Temperatures here are solely governed by direction of winds during winter season. When winds blow from northeast directions, temperatures drop. On the other hand, southeasterly winds are responsible for an increase in temperatures over Maharashtra.

At present, cold winds from northeast directions are blowing over the state. Thus, minimums of North Madhya Maharashtra and parts of Vidarbha have already decreased by 1℃ to 2℃. These cold winds will continue for another two to three days. Thus, we expect many districts of Vidarbha, Marathwada as well as Madhya Maharashtra to keep observing a fall in their temperatures.

However, unlike other times, the fall in temperatures will not be very steep and therefore chances of re-occurrence of cold wave conditions are completely ruled out. But, winter chill will still continue to grip the city.

As said above, weather here is governed by change in wind direction. Therefore, January 11 onwards, warm southeasterly winds will again start blowing across the state thereby causing temperatures to rise. Thus, we can say that the state of Maharashtra will continue witnessing on and off rise and fall in temperatures.

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