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Minimums to slightly rise over Pune, Nashik; short relief from cold wave likely

December 31, 2018 4:34 PM |

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Pune and Nashik are the sprawling cities located on western parts in the Indian state of Maharashtra, about 2000 ft above sea level. Being located on western region, both cities experience completely different weather conditions as compared to coastal regions.

The city of dreams, Mumbai is the largest city and coastal station of Maharashtra. It is nearly 150 km away from the second largest city of the state I.e Pune. Although, being closer to each other, both cities experience poles apart weather conditions.

Coastal region of state receives sea and land breeze because of which this region usually experiences warm and humid weather. On the other hand, west cities of Maharashtra i.e. Pune and Nashik experience mild winters. Temperatures over these areas generally settle in double digits. It is only on account of some extreme winter conditions, these fall down to single digit. Moreover, the flow of winds over these cities is linked to wind pattern observed over North India.

At present, because of north/ north- easterly winds, Pune and Nashik are recording below normal minimums. Both the cities, being apart by 200 km have recorded nearly same minimums on December 29, wherein Nashik recorded minimums at 5.1℃, while Pune saw 5.9℃. Minimums here are at present below normal by 3℃ to 4℃.

It has been nearly five days in a row, that these cities are recording 7℃ or less minimums. Moreover, cold wave conditions are continuing over both the cities thereby making the mornings very cold. Meanwhile, cool breeze is being felt during morning and evening hours.

However, days are being felt as comfortable and bright sunshine persists during daytime. Meanwhile, maximums are settling in mid 20s and pleasantly warm weather is persisting over these cities.

However, coming two days i.e around January 3, will see a change in weather of Pune and Nashik. Because of change in wind pattern, north/north- easterly winds will get replaced by relatively warm and humid south-easterly winds. As a result, minimums will rise for a short duration. When this situation happens, cold wave conditions will get arrested and a relief from present winter chill will be felt.

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