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Monsoon 2015 behaves in truant manner, mystery remains hidden

October 1, 2015 7:23 PM |

Monsoon in IndiaMonsoon 2015 started on a deluging note and ended with a dampener. For metrological purposes, the country is divided into 4 subdivisions - namely East & Northeast India, Northwest India, Central India and South Peninsula.

In June, all the four subdivisions received surplus rainfall. By the end of July, only Northwest India received more rainfall than the normal average. The other 3 regions became rain deficit. Surprisingly, by the end of the season Northwest India became the most rainfall deficit region with 17% less rains than normal.

Monsoon 2015 is a drought year but, the withdrawal month proved beneficial for the highly rainfall deficit regions, particularly Central India and South Peninsula. The regions which were at risk made a big recovery in September. The best part is that these areas are mostly rain-fed.

We all know about the truant nature of Monsoon. And, once again Monsoon behaved true to its mysterious nature. All the contiguous pockets witnessed large variations in terms of Monsoon rains. For instance:

Jammu & Kashmir recorded 15% excess rains, while Himachal Pradesh received 23% less rains.
• West Rajasthan recorded 46% excess rains, while East Rajasthan ended with 10% less rains.
Telangana remained rain deficit to the tune of 20% and Andhra Pradesh recorded 10% more rains.
• West Madhya Pradesh recorded normal rains to the tune of 4%. East Madhya Pradesh was 29% rain deficit.
• West Bengal recorded 8% more rains while Jharkhand was 14% rain deficit.
• Both Marathwada (40%) and Vidarbha (11%) were rain deficit but the variation was large.

In this fashion, water resources, food production, energy and everything gets affected in a state. But, this is the true nature of Monsoon. It always leaves some questions unanswered.

Image credit - Hindu


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