Monsoon 2019: Mumbai Monsoon misses onset date, Pre Monsoon rains to intensify

June 10, 2019 5:37 PM |

Mumbai Rain

Its June 10, and Monsoon in Mumbai has missed its usual onset date. Until now, very significant Pre Monsoon rains in Mumbai have also not made their appearance. Yesterday, some scattered rains were seen in some areas of the city.

These rains can be attributed to a potential Cyclone coming up in the Arabian Sea, not very far from Coast, currently it is some 300 km away from the coast. In fact, when the system moves north northwestwards, the system will be 300-400 km away from the coast.

Southwest Monsoon onset is associated with change in winds which become strong and southerly, along with good rains. The advancement of Monsoon follows a certain pattern, and it not only covers the coastline but also the interiors simultaneously.

Currently, Monsoon air mass on the coast is alright, but there is nothing of that sort in the interiors including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana as well as Maharashtra. Usually, by June 10, temperatures in Maharashtra should take a dip, however, at present, temperatures in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana are settling in the 40s.

The flavour of Monsoon comes with changes in parameters that includes the Pre Monsoon activity continuing for a couple of days, temperatures should drop, and clouding should be seen which is the case on the coast but not in the interiors. .

The advancement of Monsoon is not done in isolation, and along with the coast, the interiors have to commensurate so that the onset can be declared over both the parts.

Monsoon in Mumbai will have to wait in view of the progress over Peninsular India stalled. Monsoon is currently sluggish, and weak. However, Pre Monsoon rain in Mumbai will increase in view of the Cyclone brewing in the Arabian Sea, which means some good showers for the city.

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