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Monsoon 2020: Seasonal rainfall achieved two weeks ahead of time

September 22, 2020 10:30 AM |

Monsoon 2020

Monsoon 2020 recorded seasonal rainfall 2 weeks ahead of schedule deadline of 30th September. Despite depressing July with deficiency of 10%, the seasonal feat of 88 cm was reached on 18th September 2020. The rainfall in the remaining days is a bonus taking the monsoon to ‘Above Normal’ status for the second consecutive year. As of 20th September, the total rainfall recorded is 890.4 mm against the seasonal LPA (Long Period Average) of 880.6 mm. The overall monsoon tally stands at 107% of LPA.

Since the year 2000, the monsoon season has achieved above normal rains only thrice( 2007: 106%, 2013: 106%, 2019: 110%). Monsoon 2020 is likely to add one more in the tally and possibly will stand as 2nd highest in the last 25 years. The season is categorized based on the quantum of rainfall during the four month long period from 01st June to 30th September ( Excess: > 110%, Above Normal: 105-110%, Normal: 96-104%, Below Normal: 90-95%, Drought: < 90%).

Monsoon Performance

Season 2020 is running a close race with 2019 which had registered rainfall of 110% of LPA. Year 2019 so far is 107% with about 10 days to reach the finish line. Most of these days are going to record above normal rainfall on daily basis. There is likelihood that ‘Monsoon-2020’ may end with a seasonal wrap of 108% of LPA.

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