Monsoon onset over Kerala is so different, a delight to watch

May 12, 2020 8:24 PM |

rain in kerala

Monsoon cheers are nearing and so is the buzz in the air. Kerala, a tropical state on the southwestern Malabar Coast is also the gateway of southwest monsoon for the mainland India. Kerala, the prime monsoon destination is also one of the greenest state. Known for its abundant beauty, the state is favorite with tourists for its serene backwaters.

Our pre-monsoon season runs for three months from March to May. Kerala is the rainiest amongst all the Indian states in the plains. From a modest total of 33mm in March, climbs nearly 5 times in April to 105mm and doubles down further in May to 224mm. And here comes the southwest monsoon announcing deluge of 643mm in June. Just prior to the onslaught of southwest monsoon with roaring downpours, the pre-monsoon thunderstorms also become equally intense. There is a very thin divider to distinguish the two and before one realizes, the state has quietly slipped into the ' Monsoon' regime.

There has been some revision in the dates of arrival of southwest monsoon across various parts of the country, commencing this season (June- September 2020). However, the onset date for Kerala is unchanged, 01st June. This could be a few days prior or later and remains the prerogative of the sea conditions on either side of our coastline. In the last 10 years, the earliest arrival was 23rd May in 2009 and the most delayed on 08th June 2016. Monsoon rainfall amount is huge enough to necessitate all months to perform, else the state starts staring at a drought. Two consecutive years 2015 and 2016 were the worst performers in the recent past with the seasonal shortfall of 26% and 34% respectively. But the last two seasons 2018 and 2019 had reasons to celebrate with an adequate surplus of 23% and 13% respectively.

Pre-Monsoon 2020 has been rather kind for the state with consistent performance of good rains in March and April. Between 01st March to 10th May, the state has recorded 207mm against normal of 191mm, an overall surplus of 9%. Last year (2019), the season had recorded a total of 170mm of rains over three months period and remained deficit by 53%. The sea conditions are promising well for the incoming monsoon. A weather system brewing in the Bay of Bengal is likely to push the monsoon over the Andaman sea on or before time. Though there are no linkages between the onset over the Andaman and mainland Kerala, but most of the time the historic event does not disappoint Kerala after making a timely ingress over the Bay Islands. It is time for God's Own Country, Kerala to prepare and welcome the 'Monsoon Treat'.

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