Monsoon performance for East Uttar Pradesh so far

September 12, 2018 2:26 PM |

Rain in UPThe state of Uttar Pradesh is divided into two sub divisions, East and West Uttar Pradesh. Talking specifically about East Uttar Pradesh, the region consists of 42 districts out of which, some area does come under the foothills of the Himalayas which are governed by the weather over Nepal. Moreover, East Uttar Pradesh is prone to floods due to its proximity to the neighbouring nation and at times gets extremely heavy rains. However, this season, flooding rains have remained on the backseat.

East Uttar Pradesh sees all the four months of Monsoon, however, this year, Southwest Monsoon was delayed over the state of Uttar Pradesh by about ten days, which led to scanty rains during the month of June. By the end of the month, East Uttar Pradesh was rain deficient by about 60 percent.

After the arrival of Southwest Monsoon, rains remained scattered, sporadic and deficient. During the mid of July, the sub division saw a deficiency of -41 percent. The first good spell of rain that the state saw was during the last few days of July which resulted in hefty showers over many parts causing East Uttar Pradesh to become near normal. Few days of rainfall resulted in the deficiency to fall down to -19 percent. In fact, there was even spatial and timely distribution of rains.

During the month of August, rains have been decent enough. East Uttar Pradesh was rain deficient by -10 percent on August 15 and at -8 percent by the end of the month. During the first ten days of September, the deficiency has come down to -5 percent. The best figure was achieved on September 7, when the deficiency was at a mere -3 percent.

The month of September sees Monsoon withdrawal starting from West Rajasthan and parts of West Uttar Pradesh. All the Monsoon systems which give rains start to truncate their reach and have a tendency of recurving towards the foothills till September giving rains over East Uttar Pradesh.

Presently, East Uttar Pradesh has seen a large variation in terms of deficient and excessive rains.

For instance, Sant Ravidasnagar has seen large excess rains to the tune of a whopping 67 percent.


Meanwhile, Kushinagar is highly rain deficient by a massive 80 percent


On the other hand almost half of East Uttar Pradesh is within the normal levels.


Meanwhile, there are few which are generally deficient and surplus also.


In the coming days, the trough is expected to shift to the foothills along with which a north south trough from Gangetic West Bengal to Bihar. Thus, during the next two days, East Uttar Pradesh will see good rains with isolated heavy showers, particularly over the foothills.

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