Monsoon rains drench North West Bengal, South Bengal remains dry

June 25, 2016 7:28 PM |

Monsoon rains drench North West Bengal, South Bengal remains drySouthwest Monsoon has once again resulted in good showers over several parts of India. In fact, active to vigorous Monsoon conditions have been observed over North West Bengal. So much so that many areas have recorded heavy rainfall during the last 24 hours.

Many areas in North West Bengal have recorded heavy Monsoon showers. Isolated pockets have also recorded rainfall in three digits. During the last 24 hours from 8:30 am on Friday, Cooch Behar recorded a whopping 218 mm of rain followed by Jalpaiguri where 80.6 mm rainfall was received.

So far, Jalapiguri has recorded 839.2 mm rain against its monthly average of 624.1 mm. Also, Cooch Behar has received 987.8 mm rain against the monthly mean of 679.4 mm. Darjeeling has also recorded about 350 mm of rainfall during the month of June. Many of these cities that lie in North West Bengal may record double the amount of their monthly average rains.

On the other hand, Monsoon activity has remained subdued over South West Bengal as compared to the northern region. In fact, many areas have remained almost dry with no rains being observed for the past few days.

Conditions are expected to remain the same in the coming days as well. Good Monsoon rains will continue over North West Bengal and southern parts will continue with subdued rainfall activity.

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