Monsoon rains to continue over Vengurla, Ratnagiri; to reduce over Mumbai, Pune

June 12, 2018 12:54 PM |

Maharashtra Rains Monsoon 1

Southwest Monsoon has reached some parts of Maharashtra and it continues to give rains over a few regions of the state. Though, in comparison with the day before rains, the intensity of rainfall has reduced on the past day.

The reason for this reduction in rains is due to the weakening of the offshore trough which was extending from Konkan to Kerala coast. As of now, the trough has shifted south and is running from Goa coast to coastal Kerala.

Due to its shift, rains reduced over North Konkan, North Madhya Maharashtra and Vidarbha, however, South Konkan continued to get good showers.

Within the last 24 hours, from 08:30 am on Monday, Vengurla recorded 29 mm of rains, Mahabaleshwar 20 mm, Bramhapuri 11 mm, Washim 6 mm, Chandrapur 6 mm, Matheran 5 mm, Gondia 4 mm, Alibag 1 mm, Mumbai 1 mm and Aurangabad recorded 0.3 mm of light spells.


As of now, we expect moderate rains with one or two heavy spells to continue over Vidarbha for another 24 hours, meanwhile, light to moderate rains are likely over Konkan division. However, the intensity of rains would be more over South Konkan division like Ratnagiri, and Vengurla.

Moreover, parts of Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada would receive isolated light rains for another 24 hours. Thereafter, rains would reduce significantly over Vidarbha and interior parts of Maharashtra. However, scattered rains would continue over Konkan for the coming days. The temperatures may increase over Vidarbha and Marathwada after 24 hours.

At this stage, let us see the impact of this weather on the agriculture belt of Maharashtra:

Ploughing should be done after harvesting of previous crop. Farmers are advised to store sufficient quantity of improved varieties seed and required fertilizer during Kharif season. Field preparation for sowing of pigeon pea may be done in this week.

Farmers are advised to procure good quality seeds from certified source. Before sowing, cotton seed should be treated with fungicide to control fungal disease.

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