Monsoon to be subdued during first half of September

Monsoon to be subdued during first half of September

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monsoon in IndiaAfter witnessing good Monsoon rains during August, rains once again took backseat with the beginning of September.
According to Skymet Weather, August saw few stances of vigorous Monsoon conditions over many parts of the country such as Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha, Telangana, Konkan & Goa as well as Gujarat and South Rajasthan. In fact, Monsoon remained active over the remaining parts of the country.

These heavy showers kept the flood situation grim over Assam, many districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Gujarat region, South Rajasthan, few districts of Odisha. And of course, one cannot forget Mumbai rains on August 29 that claimed around 12 lives.

However, now, we expect that Monsoon to remain week over most parts of country for at least one week. According to Mahesh Palawat, Chief Meteorologist, Skymet Weather, “Though on and off moderate spells may occur over southern parts of the country and sometimes over Northeast India but heavy to extremely heavy rains which were witnessed during the month of July and August will not make a comeback.”

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The reason behind the decrease in the rainfall can be attributed to the absence of any significant weather system in and around the region. The axis of Monsoon trough, which is one of the major reason for triggering rainfall over Northwest and Central India, would also continue to run along the foothills of Himalayas.

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Due to this, comparatively dry winds from west and northwest will continue over northwestern plains, paving way for prolonged dry spell over northwestern parts of the country.

However, isolated rains due to local development of thunderclouds may occur but rains will be of shorter durations and cover smaller areas. Thus, these weather activities will not have much impact over the weather.

As per weathermen, whenever axis of Monsoon trough shifts to foothills of Himalayas and remain there for a longer time, it is termed as break Monsoon conditions.

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