Monsoon to become active in West Bengal including Kolkata for short duration

September 10, 2019 12:52 PM |

rain in Kolkata

The weak Southwest Monsoon has given very light rains of 0.2 mm in the capital city of Kolkata within 24 hours from 8:30 am on Monday. However, Monsoon is all set to revive now, though only for short duration and scattered moderate rains would be appearing over the city until September 13.

A contrasting situation was seen in West Bengal during the last 24 hours. On one hand, moderate showers occurred over Sub Himalayan West Bengal, on the other, the weather remained almost dry with isolated light rains in Gangetic West Bengal. But, this scenario would change soon as rains are expected to increase over the entire state for next three days.

This will occur because the eastern end of the axis of Monsoon Trough would move to the north, thus enhancing the rainfall activities over the state.

Today, we expect light to moderate rains with one or two heavy spells over Sub Himalayan West Bengal, while scattered light showers with one or two moderate spells over Gangetic West Bengal. Thereafter, the intensity of rain would increase over Sub Himalayan West Bengal and central districts and a few heavy spells are likely here.

Places like Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar, Malda, Kolkata may receive on and off good rain and thundershower activities for the next two to three days.

By September 13, the intensity will decrease but places like Birbhum and Bankura may continue to get moderate spells of rain.

Monsoon has not performed satisfactorily in West Bengal including Kolkata so far, wherein Gangetic West Bengal is rain deficient by 27%, as per the data between June 1 and September 9.

Although Sub Himalayan West Bengal is rain deficient by 13% which is considered normal, Monsoon has failed to do much good to the region.

However, these figures are expected to improve to some extent, considering the chances of good rains here.

Image Credits – Deccan Herald

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