Monsoon to cover entire Uttar Pradesh in next 24-48 hours, rainy days ahead

July 4, 2019 5:26 PM |

Rain in Uttar Pradesh

During last 24 hours, scattered light to moderate rains over many parts of Uttar Pradesh. However, good rains were only witnessed by Central and East Uttar Pradesh. Isolated scattered rains were seen in western parts as well.

Now, a low pressure area is over Southeast Uttar Pradesh and it will give good rains over eastern parts of the state from next 24 to 48 hours. Gradually, rains will increase over central and western parts of the state July 6 onward.

This weather system until then will fade away, however, a Trough will extend from Punjab to Northeast India across Uttar Pradesh and a Cyclonic Circulation is also likely to form over eastern parts of the state of Uttar Pradesh which will intensify further and move in northwest direction towards Central Uttar Pradesh.

Therefore, rain intensity will increase over Uttar Pradesh between July 7 and 9 wherein many parts will see light to moderate rains with isolated heavy showers as well. Thus, rainy days will continue until July 10 over many parts.

Moreover, Southwest Monsoon is also expected to cover the entire state of Uttar Pradesh in the next 24 to 48 hours. Thus, the rain deficiency which was persisting will also start to reduce to quite an extent. Presently, East Uttar Pradesh is deficient by 57 percent while the western part is seeing a deficiency of 67 percent, which will gradually reduce due to these rains.

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