Monsoon very likely to end on a surplus note in Rajasthan

September 6, 2019 6:15 PM |

Monsoon 2019 in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a huge state which comprises of East and West Rajasthan. West Rajasthan is the least rainy pocket during the Monsoon season. The Monsoon season’s (June to September) average for East and West Rajasthan is 616 mm and 263 mm, respectively.

East Rajasthan is wetter than West Rajasthan. Monsoon is last to reach West Rajasthan and withdraws early.

Usually, the withdrawal of Monsoon from West Rajasthan is in the first week of September itself. However, variation is there and at times it even extends up to mid-September.

According to meteorologists, the state doesn’t see many Monsoon failures. The last failure was seen in 2009 when drought was declared pan India and during that time West Rajasthan was deficient by a huge margin of 42%. The deficiency in East Rajasthan was 31%.

If we see the records, then thereafter, i.e. post-2009 no such failures have been recorded. Simultaneous good performance has been witnessed more than once.

In the years 2011, East and West Rajasthan were rain surplus by 35% and 52%, respectively. East and West Rajasthan in 2013 were again surplus by 26% and 29%, respectively. Similarly, in 2016, East Rajasthan was surplus by 32%, while the excess in West Rajasthan was 20%.

Coming to the present scenario East and West Rajasthan are rain surplus by 41% and 20%, respectively. Along with this, the average rain for the month of September for East and West Rajasthan is 41% and 99.7%, respectively.

If we look at the outlook, then the rains are expected to continue in East Rajasthan while rains will now reduce significantly over the western parts of Rajasthan.

Here we would like to bring to your notice that the withdrawal of Monsoon doesn’t mean that rains will completely vanish. Localised weather activities, small incursions can cause rain in pockets for a short duration.

The withdrawal of Monsoon needs to be watched for a couple of days. Change in wind pattern, rise in temperatures, drop in humidity level, clear sky with less clouding all are signs of withdrawal of Monsoon.

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