Multiple weather systems to give rains in Kolkata for a week

Multiple weather systems to give rains in Kolkata for a week

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The city of Kolkata witnesses a rainy period almost throughout the year. So much so that the city records some amount of rains every month. The least rainy months happen to be December and January, out of which December witnesses rain in single digit.

Kolkata gets rain during the Southwest and Northeast Monsoon and even after that as and when weather systems develop in the Bay. In Kolkata, the withdrawal of Southwest Monsoon usually happens by the end of October, which sometime overlaps with the arrival of Northeast Monsoon, thus, rainy days continue, and the city remains active in terms of rainfall.

During the month of December, if and when Kolkata receives rains it is either due to the oceanic systems forming in the Bay or the winter systems that approach the Himalayas. Rains get amplified when these systems coincide and appear at the same time.

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During the last 24 hours, Kolkata has recorded light rains and for the next 48 hours, the city is expected to see increase in rain activity. These showers will continue until December 13. The intensity of the rain will range between light and moderate.

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The depression that has formed in the Bay of Bengal has intensified into a deep depression. Now, as the system will remain far away from the coast of Kolkata, the outer peripherals will extend and this will result in subsequent rainfall over the region. Other parts of West Bengal will also witness some rains during this period.

Between December 7 and 9, because of the deep depression getting closer to the Andhra Coast, light to moderate rains are expected.

Thereafter, the Western Disturbance which is expected to give rains over the plains of North India will move westwards and feed moisture over the region. During the same time, there is an expectation of anti-cyclone formation in the Bay which will again feed moisture over the region.

Thus, between December 12 and 13, some rainfall activity is expected to occur over Kolkata. Due to these rains, maximum temperatures will witness a drop.

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