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Mumbai and Valsad record more rains than the usually rain drenched Cherrapunji in July so far

July 8, 2019 8:39 PM |

Cherrapunji Rains

The northeastern city of Cherrapunji happens to be the one of the rainiest cities in the world. The city during the Monsoon season has its average monthly rains even close to 3000 mm as well.

On the other hand, the city of Mumbai as well as Valsad are also the rainiest pockets during the Monsoon season as the West Coast does see some heavy rains during the Monsoon season. However, it is always Cherrapunji that sees the most amount of rains.

Nevertheless, this time, the story of these rains have been different. In the first 8 days of the month of July, Mumbai and Valsad have overtaken Cherrapunji, the rainiest pocket in India. Until the morning of July 8, Mumbai had recorded 678 mm of rainfall, Valsad saw 606 mm of rains while Cherrapunji just saw 459 mm of rainfall.

The city of Valsad during this time has seen rains over 200 mm on two occasions, while Mumbai saw hefty showers of 375 mm on the first day itself. Both these pockets are currently the rainiest pockets of the country.

Mumbai and Valsad seem to be heading towards exceeding their monthly rains very soon due to the intense rains seen in the first week of July. However, Cherrapunji is far behind with its normal rainfall amount for July being 2992 mm.

In the next one week, Cherrapunji is all set to have the revival of rains and three digit rainfall is completely on the cards. This means that Cherrapunji may see 1000 mm in the next one week.

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